Executive Committee

  • Chair – Brian Schimmel
  • Vice Chair – Sam Morris
  • Treasurer – Tony Bevin
  • Secretary – Janet Koch

Board Members

  • Patrick Campbell
  • Penny Barrett
  • Janet Koch
  • Cathy Baysek
  • Ray Pietrone
  • Jeff “Bean” Anesin
  • Patrick Duffey
  • Kyle Gryta


Interested in becoming a leader in your community? Elections are held on an annual basis during the December quarterly member meeting, with the date published under the Events calendar.  Members may vote either by mail (ballots provided by THC) or by attending the December quarterly member meeting.  For more information on board responsibilities, please refer to the  Constitution and Bylaws.

Please visit the Contact page to submit a short bio if you are interested in running for election.   This bio will be sent along with the mailed paper ballots. Submissions are requested no later than November 15th.  Note that those wishing to run must be Troy Hill Citizens dues paying members in good standing by October 15th.