Real Estate

Our Plan

  • Reduce blight and vacancy in the neighborhood.
  • Hold absent or negligent owners accountable for city code violations.
  • Acquire and re-sell real estate which is unattractive to both the investor and the individual, which would otherwise remain vacant or neglected.
  • Empower  existing and prospective residents with access to local financing and financial aid partners as well as carefully vetted, local contractors.
  • Encourage existing businesses to stay, while incentivizing new businesses, particularly those that offer a much needed service, to join our business district.
  • Focus initially on the “Heart of Troy Hill” in order to have a strong foundation on which to re-vitalize the rest of the community.

How We’ll Get There

Owner Accountability

311 and Burghs Eye View

  • Employ these tools to identify and track frequent offenders and resolve complaints about nuisance properties.

Property Acquisition

Troy Hill Citizens

  • Identify vacancies and contact owners in order to determine if they are available for sale.  Facilitate sale to responsible home owners and community focused developers.
  • Engage in the Property Reserve process, for acquisition, management and re-sale.
  • Give preference to current community renters looking to buy as well as new businesses which will benefit the community.
  • While profits will certainly be used to fund future Troy Hill Citizens events, projects, and services to benefit the community, the emphasis must remain on providing affordable housing, attracting businesses that serve the community, and maintaining historical aesthetics and neighborhood character.
  • By the above facilitation, we seek to maximize ownership by families, individuals, and businesses with a stake in our community, rather than investors seeking to maximize their return on investment.


  • Maintain an up to date real estate listing to improve visibility of houses currently on the market in the neighborhood, such that individuals seeking a home may acquire properties before an investor seeking a profit.
  • Build relationships with local financing programs and make their financial services and assistance programs available to the community.
  • Refer prospective buyers to vetted contractors and workers, preferably from our own community.

Business District Revitalization

Establish Relationships

  • Identify and meet with all business district landlords and tenants on a regular basis.
  • Work together towards common goals such as beautification, accessibility, and safety.
  • Encourage and facilitate the establishment of a Troy Hill Business Association.

Fill Vacancies

  • Connect landlords of vacant commercial properties to businesses that are desirable and serve the community.
  • Develop a subsidy program using local partnerships to make it possible and attractive for new, deserving businesses to move to the neighborhood.
  • Make our business district attractive to new tenants thru beatification and accessibility projects.

We Need Your Help!

Many hands make light work, and we can’t do this alone.  We’re always looking for new members to join our Real Estate committee in order to help make this dream a reality.   If you’re interested in joining this effort, please send us a message using the Contact page with Send To: “Real Estate.”