Membership strengthens communities, and Troy Hill is no exception.. Below is a brief list of benefits for new or renewing members.   Although membership is only required for participation in THC elections, your membership dues (and donations) make THC projects and events possible and free of charge to all Troy Hill residents.

  • Make your voice heard – Rest assured that your voice is amplified by THC, which can direct your concerns to the proper authority, whether it be 311, city council members or the mayor.  Our quarterly membership meetings provide a platform for every Troy Hill resident to be heard.
  • Meet your fellow neighbors – Developing close-knit relationships with your neighbors is at the core of a safe neighborhood.  THC helps foster these relationships by providing numerous, free of charge events throughout the year, from volunteer opportunities (litter pickups, tree plantings) to reoccurring or special events (Blockwatch, Christmas in July, Movies in the Park).
  • Enjoy a cleaner, brighter community – THC is constantly evaluating ways to bring beauty to the community, whether thru park maintenance and expansion, murals, vacant lot programs, or real estate development.

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Membership dues are $10 per year. You may pay online (or donate) with PayPal or mail a check to:

Troy Hill Citizens, Inc.
1619 Lowrie Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Membership in this organization shall be open to all residents of Troy Hill as defined by Article III, and any other person(s) owning property or operating a place of business within this area. Memberships are divided as follows:

  • Family Units – Parents and all family members who are not of legal voting age who are residing with parents.
  • Individuals who are residents, not residing in family units, or who are of legal voting age but residing in a family unit.
  • Owners of properties within the area who are non-residents of the area.
  • Owners of businesses within the area.

Members of Troy Hill Citizens, Inc. who do not live, own property or businesses within the geographic area as defined by Article III, shall have voice but not vote at general membership meetings and are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

“Share your ideas. Be heard. Build a better community.”

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