Buhl: Sprout joins One Northside conversation with Neighbor-to-Neighbor grants up to $1,000

Sprout is thrilled to join the One Northside initiative to engage people who live and work in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhoods in conversations about the future of their communities. And with the support of the Buhl Foundation, we’ll be helping Northside community members take local action to support the One Northside vision.

Sprout is offering Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grants of up to $1,000 to provide immediate support for small-scale community projects with broad citizen support as demonstrated by neighborhood petitions, letters of support from community groups, and small financial pledges.

For more information and how to Apply for One Northside Community Innovation Project Granst of up to $1,000

To contact Sprout Northside staff with your inquiry or other questions call or text (412) 867-2907
or email apply@sproutfund.org.




Happy New Year to all of the membership of Troy Hill Citizens and to the community at large.

There are many exciting projects and ideas going on that THC has to discuss with you this year.  To start, I wanted to let everyone know of the results of the December elections for 2015
The three year seats are held by:   Patrick Campbell
                                                           Cathy Baysek
                                                           Penny Barrett
The one year seat is held by:          Janet Koch
One open seat on the board still remains (one year term).  If you are interested in serving on the Board please fire off an e-mail to Troy Hill Citizens (troyhillPittsburgh@gmail.com) and let us know.
Our new slate of officers for this year are:
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