Newsletter: June-July 2017

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to catch the first  re-release of the Troy Hill Chronicle newsletter in April, either thru email subscription or in print at one of our local businesses.  If you haven’t, the newsletter can be viewed at this link.

We’re pleased to share our next newsletter for June-July, 2017, available for download and print (double sided suggested) HERE.

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2017 General Meeting #2, June 7th – Meeting Minutes

  • Brian Schimmel (Chair) and Sam Morris (Vice Chair) opened the meeting.
  • Jennie Kohnfelder from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) provided an overview of currently available programs for potential home buyers in Pittsburgh including a lead abatement program.
  • Alyssa Lyon from the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) presented on the Community Acquisition & Rehabilitation Loan (CARL) program, which simplifies the financing process for the purchase and rehabilitation of a property by reducing the cost, time and complexity of obtaining multiple loans.
  • Molly Onufer from the city’s Office of Community Affairs announced that the capital budget deliberative forums will be held on June 8th and June 14th.
  • Vince Pallus, new chief of staff for Rep. Adam Ravenstahl introduced himself and offered help to citizens dealing with state issues.
  • Sam announced that the proceeds from the House Tour will be used for the window flower box program.  It is planned that the window flower boxes will be part of the Christmas in July Troy Hill Citizens event. Boxes will be provided on a first come, first served basis, with reservations for house tour attendees.
  • Brian announced that the Christmas in July event is still looking for vendors (food and crafts) for July 22nd.  A page will be created shortly on the website under the Events directory with full details.
  • Brian announced the Love Your Block Grant flower planting date is June 24th.  Volunteers should meet at 9am at the new Welcome Sign located at the bottom of Troy Hill Road, across from the Penn Brewery.
  • Brian solicited for information / content / announcements for the upcoming newsletter.  The newsletter for June/July will be circulated soon.
  • Brian announced that an e-mail and website announcement will be coming out regarding the date for the new Rialto St. mural unveiling / happy hour / community gathering event.
  • Sam mentioned Patrick Duffey’s four community trashcans, asking for suggested locations and potential volunteers where the city does not provide and service a trashcan.
    • As a reminder, Troy Hill has many neighbor-donated trashcans which are serviced by community volunteers. These trashcans help reduce sidewalk and street trash. Please do not overfill or dump at these locations!
  • Cathy Baysek announced the Most Holy Name Summer Festival, June 9th-11th.
  • Don Donaghey asked about the crumbling sidewalk across from the Provident charter school.  In response, the THC Board instructed that 311 would be the most effective means to resolve the issues.
  • As a reminder, it was mentioned that the next General Meeting will be held on September 13th.
    • Please plan on attending to meet your neighbors, discuss neighborhood issues, and learn about the various Troy Hill and Pittsburgh programs and services available to assist both you and the community you live in.  If you want to get involved before then, please call or email using the Contact page.
  • Brian Schimmel adjourned the meeting.

Troy Hill Happenings – June 2017

There’s been a lot of activity recently, and a lot to look forward to this summer as well.   Here’s a quick run down:

  • May 18th
    • Last Blockwatch meeting of the spring.  There will be no Blockwatch meetings during the Summer months, but we’ll see you again in the Fall.
  • May 19th
    • Neighborhood work day in collaboration with Gtech and Landforce, a workforce development non-profit.  In Troy Hill Citizen’s Park we weeded, mulched, pruned, removed invasive vines and planted several trees.  Along Rialto St. we weeded, mulched, cleared the steps, and installed a section of concrete block retaining wall.   On Elbow St., we painted a portion of the guard rail safety yellow to add a little flair to the neighborhood.
  • May 20th
    • The Troy Hill House Tour was a huge success! Click the previous link to find out why and to download the tour booklet.
  • June 1st
    • Approximate completion date for the Rialto St. Troy Hill Incline mural.  All we can say is WOW (see below).  We are planning an unveiling party so keep an eye out for that announcement.
  • June 2nd
    • THC board members pitched their application for 2017 ACCBO funding. Fingers crossed, we presented some really neat ideas which are bound to make a big impact in the community and real estate in particular.  This years ideas were all about “power to the people!”
  • June 7th
    • Quarterly General Troy Hill Citizens meeting at Most Holy Name School Hall, Tinsbury entrance, 7PM.  All are welcome,  please check the event listings for more information.  Topics and guests to focus on city programs that assist with funding home ownership and maintenance costs for low income households.  Meeting minutes will be posted following the event under the “News” section for those who cannot attend.
  • June 10th
    • “Pay-What-You-Can-Yoga” at Providence Charter School has ended with the school year, but never fear for your fitness needs! Troy Hill’s very own Chris Williams will be leading the first of hopefully many High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) workouts at 9:30am in Troy Hill Citizen’s park.  Although the name sounds intense, its accessible to all fitness levels.  HITT is most easily explained as “Marine Crossfit.” Details can be found thru the “Troy Hooligans” Facebook page under Event listings.
  • June…12th?
    • We hope to have the second newsletter out to everyone.  As a reminder, we’ll be dropping them off at businesses and bulletin boards around the community, as well as emailing them to those on the email list.  If you would like to receive a newsletter, either by mail or email, please send an email to troyhillpittsburgh AT, by using the Contact page and “General” Send To: option.  Please specify the delivery method in your email and use a subject that includes “newsletter.”  The newsletter will of course be featured on the website as well.
  • June 17, 18, 24, 25
    • Come visit Troy Hill Citizen’s park at 2PM (all days) for “The Tempest,” a play by William Shakespeare, directed by Jeffery Chips and presented by the Steel City Shakespeare Center. Although attendance is free, suggested donation is $15.  More information is available HERE.
  • Odds are we missed something/many things/hopefully not all the things…but if we did, click HERE to tell us about it.  Be sure to use the “General” Send To: drop-down when you do, along with a descriptive Subject.  Thanks!
  • As a general reminder, we’re a small, volunteer board, and we could always use help from some self-starting, motivated, energized, enthusiastic neighbors who are looking to take leadership or supporting roles in various projects.  If that sounds like you, then drop us a line and we’ll get you started helping out! If you already have a project in mind (i.e. Dog Park!) that you’d like to manage, all the better. We’re here to help in any way we can, even if that’s just giving advice or assisting with funding and networking.
    • We are currently looking for an individual to help organize the Troy Hill Flower Box project.  Responsibilities include organizing a budget, bill of materials, build instructions and so on for DIY flower boxes for the community. Please contact us if interested!